Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Wonderful Day

That's exactly what we had today.
Hubby & I woke before the kids, at 6.30am, extremely unheard off, LOL.
The Easter Egg Hunt was a flurry of excitement, squeals & too much chocolate.

We all headed of to Point Walter for a lovely day in the warm sunshine.
Molly & Til loved splashing in the river & even had a ride in Chloe's kayak with her.
We enjoyed a yummy, relaxing picnic lunch & finished the day with a walk out on the sand bar & Molly had a ball collecting shells in her little bucket along the way.

Here are a few photos from today.

Molly & Til testing out the water.

Chloe & Til having a cuddle.

Me & Molly.

Molly collecting shells.

My early start & all the sunshine are starting to take their toll on me so it's off to sleep now I think.

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Easter & don't have too many tummy aches :


PapierGirl said...

It sure looks like you and your family had a wonderful, warm Easter Sunday at the beach! Lucky you! Still chilly here in Chicago.
Take care, Cathy

Anabelle said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful Easter! It's freezing here! I can't believe your day is already over. We just got home from church and are starting our little celebration just now. ;)

Natty said...

Wow, slightly envious that your Easter Sunday was warm enough for a lovely trip to the beach, we had a nice relatively warm and definitely sunny day, but for some reason our neighbour decided today was the day to do all his power-washing and it's been going non-stop since 11 a.m.
Go figure! LOL

Melissa said...

Great photos Jewls, especially the one of Chloe and Til and you and Molly.What a gorgeous day to spend out with the family.Molly looks quite content just playing near the edge of the water collecting.
Had a super Easter, glad yours was a good one too.

helenj said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day together
Love the pics they are great
Your kids are gorgeous:)