Sunday, April 26, 2009

CPS #112

As I was choosing a card yesterday for Molly to give to her friend for her birthday, I realised that I was running a bit low on little girl cards....that girl gets invited to so many parties!!!
I thought I'd give the CPS sketch a go to make some more cards for my stash.

This is one I came up with.

I've had this AMM paper & matching jelly embellishments for soooo long, so it was good to finally put them to use.

This is my little fairy on her way to the party yesterday & she doesn't have a broken wing anymore...her arm is all healed, YAY!!!!

I just thought I'd share this photo that I took at the same time.
Along the side of our driveway there are some conifers & last weekend my nutty hubby decided to clip a little smiley face into one of them.

What can I are strange creatures, LOL.


Lea L. said...

So bright and cheery! That will put a smile on someone's face! Great job with CPS 112!


jaki said...

Oh love the tree!!
Looks like your hubby has a good sense of humour :)

Glad the little fairy's arm is all healed now.

Chloe said...

Heheheh! Dad told me he was going to do this... I saw it last time we left your place. That's why James and I were laughing!

I love how your card turned out... that sketch looked so daunting but you did great!

Linda Beeson said...

Cute photos and what a great job with that CPS sketch! Love the colors.

Linda said...

Just spotted your name over at the CPS blog and thought I'd pop in the girly birthday card and the elements you've chosen...and the conifer with a face...too funny!

Melissa said...

Hey bestie, how is ya? I am finally home.What a weekend.We will have to have one of them phone calls soon i reckon.Lovin the little fairy, and so glad her arm is all healed now.She looks so happy and very cute in PINK.DH certainly does have an excellent sense of humour alright..LOL.Love to you and the family..xoxo

Suzanne said...

Hi Jewls, love the photos and even if your hubby is nutty the conifer sure looks cute.