Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Warming Up....

The weather has been glorious lately. I'm loving the warmer temperatures though it did get me thinking about our pool. You see we've never had a pool before & had NO idea what we needed to do to look after it. Life has been busy with other things & I had been meaning to ring a pool man to come over & educate us but it just never happened. Anyway the pool suddenly turned green & I mean green. I thought that perhaps there was some gross swamp monster living in there by now.
Yesterday the lovely pool guy came by & ran us through everything & bombed the pool with chlorine. This morning I woke up to a pool that is now blue again. I can't wait to get it 100% & start swimming.

I have a couple of projects to show today.

Firstly is this hot air balloon card.

And this is a name plaque that I made for a friend's new granddaughter.

This gorgeous weather will be perfect for a visit to the Old Perth Rd Markets which are on again this Sunday from 9am - 2.30pm.
While you're there be sure to pop into Tomorrow's Memories which will be open from 9am - 2pm.

School holidays start on Friday & I am so looking forward to 2 blissful weeks of sleep ins & lazy days.
Hope you get to enjoy some too :)


Liz Weber said...

HI Jewls, LOVE the hot air balloon card, I must make one myself.

Love that name plaque (my daughters name is Sabrina hehe)

We are enjoying school holidays right now and the sleep ins and late nights are fantastic!

Have a great week and enjoy the holidays next week!

Julie said...

These look great Jewls I may even try and pop on out to the markets. Thanks for popping by my blog.

suzitee said...

LOL Jewls...we were the same last year when we bought our house that has a pool...NO IDEA! Lucky my hubby is a fast learner :)
Your cards are just of luck with your first class. TM customers are just lovely...
Bring on the holidays!

Tammy James said...

hi Jewls love the balloon card!

Leah said...

Gorgeous name plaque and I love that hot air balloon card!

Woohoo you can swim now!

Not sure if you know but Al was offered the Perth job and we ended up knocking it back as it would have cost us heaps to move (they didn't offer the full relocation package) :( We were so looking forward to our new adventure in WA. Will definitely be over in the next year or so to visit though! :)

Berenice R. said...

Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing :)