Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween.....

Hi there!!!!
I know Halloween isn't very popular in Australia but I'm up for anything that is a bit of fun so we've always celebrated it in our own weird little way each year.
This year I was super, duper excited because it was the first time we've had proper orange pumpkins available to buy in the supermarkets. I nearly kissed my pumpkin in Coles when I found it....yes I do know I'm a grown woman who shouldn't get excited about a pumpkin but hey I do, lol.
Today Molly & I had the best time carving our Jack O Lantern. She was happy to do all the icky bit of pulling it's guts out & I did the dangerously death defying carving part.
I am actually very, very proud of my first effort of carving a pumpkin & was thrilled with how "Jack" turned out.

Here is Molly pulling guts out.....

And here is "Jack"

And "Jack" lit up outside tonight

This is my super, scary little witch. She had a ball dressing up too.

I had the hugest bowl of lollies waiting for the Trick or Treaters to visit but sadly as usual we didn't get a single one :(
Maybe next year.

My first class at Tomorrow's Memories was last week & it went really well. The ladies are all wonderful which made it so pleasurable.

Well that's it for now. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween.


donna said...

OMG Jules... that pumpkin is awesome!!! witchy poo looks cute too!

Liz Weber said...

LOL Jewls I can just see you kissing a pumpkin! I did notice there sure were a LOT of them for sale at Woolies! Your pumpkin looks amazing and how cool does it look all lighted up.

So glad your first class went well, not surprising!

Have a great week!

Vicki said...

Very impressive effort on your first pumpkin! Thanks for the quick visit today :) All your cards look fantastic....might have to book in for them myself!

Chloe said...

LOL Mum! He is outrageously adorable!!! You did a great job!