Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Fun

Yay, Chloe & I did spend the day yesterday making cards together.
I love it when she comes over as she motivates me to sit down & take the time to create. I would probably just keep doing housework otherwise so thanks Clo, the time we spend together is always so much fun & I really enjoy it.
I made a set of 4 cards from the cute October Afternoon range "Weathervane", a very appropriate range to work with on the first day of Autumn.
These are a little different from my usual style but I wanted to make some cards with a fun feel to them.
So here they are....

It was wonderful to have the extra day to relax this weekend.
Oh how I wish every weekend was 3 days long.

Hope you all have a fantastic week :)


Melissa said...

OMG woman, you have so got to sub these.They are absolutely beauutiful Jewls.Go for it FL, you never know unless you try.It is certainly true that Chloe got her creative fingers from you.Love them

Chloe said...

These look darn good Ma! I agree with Mel... you gotta sub these cos they will totally rock any mag they're in! WTG!

Ceci said...

Oh you have to be quick they are gone already, look forward to seeing them eventually! Love looking at all your cards Jewls, you have made so many gorgeous ones. ;)

Kylie Buchanan (Liston) said...

OOOhhh... wish i had of seen them! I bet they are just gorgeous!! Big congrats to you, such awesome news!!!! Cheers! Kylie (SP)x