Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Easter Treats

This week Molly & I decided to make some little treats for her to give to her best friends for Easter. I cut the bags with my Cricut machine using the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge.
The stamp is a new one that I bought recently from my friendly Stampin Up consultant, my daughter Chloe. I really love this stamp & was itching to use it on a project.

We filled the bags with colourful little speckled eggs & finished them off with some pretty ribbon & a flower.

We've also made a slightly larger one for her teacher.

Molly's arm is recovering quite well. We were amazed at this huge bruise that came out on her arm, she was strangely proud of it as you can see.

Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend :)


Anonymous said...

OUCH !!! to that bruise, poor girl, hope she is feeling much better now. Those boxes are so cute, Will have to get that cricut font now :-)

Melissa said...

Awww Look at your little ANGEL Hun, boy that really is a killer bruise you ahve there Mo.Hope it heals up really quickly for you sweetie.You remember to keep your Mum on her toes.
Jewls and Molly, those boxes are just very spesh.Gorgeous bright Eastery colours.That stamp is very noice Jewls.Can see why you like it.

jaki said...

ooh Jewls I have that stamp set too :)
Love your bags, Molly's friends will love them...well their Mums will love the bags, the friends will love whats in them I guess! lol!

Ouch at that bruise :(

Chloe said...

OMG! So proud right now! That is the best bruise I've seen in a long time! I can relate to her being proud of her bruise - I get like that too!!! HEHEHE!

Love the bags! Very cute!

Leah said...

OUCH alright!! One brave girl you got there, Jewls!!

Love those cute little boxes too! I loved that SU stamp too :) I bet Molly's friends will just adore them!

Tammy James said...

Oh Jewls, I want that stamp too now! Tee hee. I love that Mm paper it is one of my old faves, your bags are just gorgeous!
And yep ... Ouch!