Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extreme Makeover

Hi all, remember me?

Gee it's been ages since I posted anything but I have been really busy with work around the house lately which meant no time for crafting.

Over the long weekend, last week, hubby & I worked very hard to give my craft room an extreme makeover. My room was formally Chloe's bedroom, now I mean no disrepect Chloe, but your fluro bright colour scheme just wasn't really me, LOL.
So we painted for days to change the bright green & yellow walls to a soft, gentle, creamy green colour.
We also laid some new flooring & painted the cupboard, with the shelves in it, white to match the rest of the furniture.
The door frame, door & window sill also got a lick of paint & I'm so thrilled with my new room now that I love spending time in there & can't wait to have lots of fun creating as it is so much more organised now too.

Actually it all started with me buying 2 little shelves to put on the wall. I said to hubby that maybe it would be a good idea to paint the walls first & well it kind of kept going from there. He's banned me from shopping because major projects always seem to happen after I buy something reasonably insignificant. I think he secretly enjoys it though, LOL.
So here are some pics of my new space.

This is my big table, it's actually 2 IKEA desks that hubby has joined together.
I have my sewing machine & Cricut set up on one side or if someone is working with me they can be moved aside. There's lots of room to spread out as I'm a very messy crafter.

In this photo you can see one of the little ol' shelves that caused the chaos.
I had the idea to put up some shelves & hang a rail beneath them. I bought some Clip It Up clips & now I can hang things up where they're much easier to get to without moving a heap of stuff to get to the one I want. This rail has my alpha stickers hanging from them.
The green drawer units hold stickers, diecuts & rub ons.
The cupboard underneath has slide out shelves & I keep my cardstock, in pizza box halves, sorted by colour.

Here is the other shelf. I took all my ribbons that were packaged on cards & have put each set into a zip lock bag & they hang from the rail with the clips.
I have more ribbons in jars beneath, with my Cropper Hopper paper storers next to them.
The wooden drawer unit holds my ink pads, embossing powder, acrylic blocks & glitter.
The corner shelves hold jars of flowers & buttons & some drawer organisers which I have little embellishments & brads in.

I still need to put up a rail to hang my punches from but for now I'm perfectly happy.
I've even made my first card in my new room & will be back later to post that after I take a photo.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a lovely weekend :)


Melissa said...

Oh Tom, what a great job you did.I love the colour and it is such a cosy little room to craft in.The flooring is very nice Jewls.No wonder you are happy as pig in mud now...hehe.
I like the way your desk wraps around the wall and the clip it ups look very useful

Tammy James said...

Wow Oh jewls I am so jealous it all looks gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Oh and I spy the LO in the frame I did for you .They all look great along the top displayed.And meant to say, you did a fabbo job too Hun

Julie said...

Wow Jules I so love your room looks awesome.

Leah said...

OMG you are one lucky woman Jewls!!!! I love the colours you have chosen! The shelves looks great too :)

Would love to craft with you in there one day!!

Chloe said...

NOOOOO!!! MY BEDROOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!! You have done a great job covering the signwriter paint! I can't wait to see your new room IRL when I come over on the weekend!