Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Cute Little Christmas Elves - Molly & Bella the Cat

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Melissa said... can't stop laughing, and the boys thought Bella and Mo were so cute....OMG, that is hysterical....bUUTTTTTT there is someone missing.I think your face should be where the pink face is Hun...I wanna see you...see you , see you , see you...LOLI bet Molly and you had fun making it too..just like we did.Everytime we watch ours we laugh our heads off.

Melissa said...

You really have the moves there Molly.I didn't realise you could dance like that.My boys love to watch you and Bella dance nearly every day.

helenj said...

Too funny!
The cat looks a classic

Might try it with our 5 dogs!!!!!!!!